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Alexandra H. Raphael

Allie believes her desire for genuine personal connections, combined with her ability to draw upon diverse business and life experiences, provides the key to successful negotiation.

While many people have a passion for travel, few are as devoted to immersing themselves in the experience as Allie.

Long before her legal career began, Allie not only spent time living on three different continents but was also studying Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin to heighten her ability to connect with everyone she meets on their own terms.

Her commitment to learning and understanding, combined with her enthusiasm and empathy, makes Allie a compassionate and authentic advocate who eagerly seeks the best outcome for each individual, in every situation.

Her hands-on experience is nearly diverse as her language skills. From identifying microfinance opportunities in Argentina, to working with non-profit donors to help aid migrant workers and international victims of human rights violations, to a stint on Wall Street, to assisting major corporations in Ohio and beyond, Allie has worked with businesses and organizations of all backgrounds and sizes.

Prior to joining Katz, Allie was an integral part of the legal team that took the first-ever complex chapter 11 bankruptcy case in the Southern District of Ohio from petition to confirmation, in the end restructuring more than 100 related entities into a viable go-forward conglomerate, thereby preserving jobs and protecting benefits for many individuals throughout the Appalachian region.

Throughout her legal career, Allie has been involved in many aspects of the law—including negotiations with unions related to collective bargaining agreements, review and negotiation of vendor and client contracts, transfers and sales of real property, debtors’ and creditors’ rights issues, negotiating lending transactions with institutional lenders, obtaining trademark registrations and renewals, and aiding companies through the merger and acquisition process.

Living, studying and working in New York City, Italy and Argentina have given the native Northern Kentuckian an appreciation for how much she enjoys her hometown and the Tristate area. Allie feels privileged to serve the legal needs of businesses that do so much to contribute to the Tristate’s exceptional quality of life.

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Alexandra H. Raphael

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