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Bradley G. Haas

Brad has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their full potential.

In the business world, Brad is committed to giving his business clients the guidance they need to make their company what they dreamed it could be. From decisions concerning acquisitions, expansions into new lines of business, organic growth, corporate finance matters, protecting intellectual property and key relationships, risk management, shareholder issues, and many other day-to-day business management issues, Brad thrives on being the partner and guide that entrepreneurs need to achieve greatness for their business.

What clients echo the most is that Brad gives great practical guidance concerning when to stand and fight—and when to walk away.

Brad understands that every business owner eventually needs an exit strategy and understands the pieces to put in place to best position a business for an external sale or an internal succession. While Brad has vast experience handling mergers and acquisitions on both the buy side and the sell side, he also has helped many families develop and successfully implement a family businesses succession plan.

Brad’s commitment to helping others reach their full potential extends outside of his law practice. Brad is involved with the Goering Center for Family and Private Business and specifically the Center’s Next Generation Institute, an 8-session seminar program designed to instruct business owners on transition of ownership and management from one family generation to the next. Brad created or collaborated on 3 of the 8 sessions, which he also teaches to the family business participants.

For seven years he served on the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, an organization that provides adult mentors to at-risk children in the community. For over 4 of those years, he was Chairman of the Board, and his heart is still committed to the Organization and its purpose. He saw first-hand how one adult mentor could change the life and destiny of a child and help the child find the path to a successful life. Several years after his tenure at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Brad has collaborated with another former board member to create Med Mentor, a start-up organization whose purpose is to provide an adult mentor to a chronically ill child where the mentor is inflicted with the same disease as the child. The organization’s goal is to provide the guidance and inspiration that chronically inflicted children need to take charge of their circumstance and go on to live happy and successful lives.

Awards and Honors

• Recognized multiple times as one of Woodward/White’s Best Lawyers in America®

• Recognized multiple times by Law & Politics Media, Inc. as an Ohio Super Lawyer®

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Bradley G. Haas

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